Yorkie Owner Contribution – Dearest Dogs

We are the owners of two lovely Yorkies. We are in our early sixties and with the children out of the house they became our other children. I did send you ‘n photo of Fudge, our grandchildren’s dog. They came to visit recently and Fudge came along. Al four of the grandchildren spend hours on end with Fudge,playing tennis,fetch,soccer, you name it. Forgotten were the tv,and all other technology. How much fun did they have? I relieved my childhood through them and a ray of sunshine slipped uplifted my spirit for that moment.

We must encourage our children to love and care for animals,to adore them and learn valuable lessons with and through them. Fathers that are not always around will bound better when they take the children to walk long walks with the dogs,or take them with on holidays and spend never to forget memories on the beach. That is what I call family time. These days one can barely go on lonely hiking trails, but if you can and the dogs can go with this also will stay in the minds of you children for all their life.

We can leave our children money and all that money can buy when our days on earth are over,but will we leave  in their minds and in their remembrance? Our love for all the bling of the world,beautiful houses and luxury cars ,or our love for all God’s creations?  As a grandparent I see that in my grandchildren’s lives and the little things that they care about. Yes play with their drones with them,ride on the bicycles with them,most of all teach them to be loving human beings, especially to those who can not speak for themselves.

And then one day that one has to departure and the book of life is closed,may your name be written in Gold in the book of Eternity,because you have done good to mankind but more so,to His creations that you had to rule and love.

Kallie du Plessis – Vanderbijlpark

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