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1215 Registered puppies and counting

To date has listed 1215 registered puppies. No need to browse and filter junk mail or classified advertisements. Use to find your registered puppy from a reputable breeder today. Try some of these shortcuts: Click to buy puppies with Photos in Gauteng Click to buy Jack Russell Puppies in Gauteng with Photos Click […]

Breeders can list for free

Breeders can now list their puppies for free on provides a free marketing platform for all registered breeders. As a breeder registers puppies online on the puppies are automatically loaded onto Not only is a marketing platform it also provides a comprehensive management tool for all breeders. Breeders can update […]

How do I list my puppies?

Breeders can now list their puppies free of charge on When breeders register their puppies online at the puppies will automatically be listed at Breeders can register their puppies online by clicking here: If you are not yet registered online – click on Register (top right corner of page) and complete […]

Why choose a registered puppy?

All dogs and puppies are special, whether they’re a mixed breed or purebred. However, when you get a purebred puppy from a registered breeder, you have greater certainty of what to expect once you bring them home, based on their unique breed characteristics. Additionally your puppy will have received top-notch care starting day one from […]


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