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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Who can advertise puppies on puppi.co.za?

Only confirmed and verified registered breeders are allowed to advertise on puppi.co.za.

Do I have to pay for the information on the website?

www.puppi.co.za provides the information as a free service to all users.

I am a registered breeder - how to I register to advertise my puppies in www.puppi.co.za?

Register as user, submit your kennel confirmation certificate and request that your breeder status be confirmed.  As soon as your breeder status has been verified you will be able to load puppies onto the site.

How do I proceed if I find a puppy I like?

Contact the breeder to book the puppy on the listed number provided.

What do I do if the breeder does not give me a Sales Contract?

We recommend that all puppies be sold with a sales agreement. If the breeder did not offer a sales agreement – please demand one.  If the breeder appears unwilling to provide a sales agreement, walk away.

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